one zip tie at a time

This is a place where things are zip tied, taped, and/or glued together until they operate out of necessity or just because we thought it would be funny.

Sometimes in the real world, people need to get things done and can’t be bogged down by systems full of red tape and paperwork, this is where Janky Shack excels. The masterminds behind this organization take pride in tackling problems from directions that may seem counter-intuitive or maybe down right frowned upon, but at the end of the day we get you on the road with a smile on your face and a nitrous bottle in your back seat.

Nitrous Oxide for example is pretty much expected to blow your car up in a giant blue ball in the eyes of most. Here at Janky Shack we accelerate down the road as well as in life by injecting 900psi of freezing cold oxidizer into our engines for maximum performance not only without a second thought, but with a smile. After all, at the end of the day its the smiles per gallon that count.

Work Experience

Every character employed by Janky Shack has had extensive training including watching the movie “The Martian” and that scene in “Armageddon” where the Russian fixed the space shuttle by beating it with a large wrench.

We have over 20+ days combined experience in commercial and industrial applications including zip ties, electrical tape, spray paint and super glue. We source only the lowest quality and cheapest Chinese made rejected materials to get you on the road, because if you came to us your car is probably a piece of junk anyways.

Ultimate Mission

Travel to space with only parts from junkyards.