3d Printing Battery Caps for the Chevy Volt Modules

The chevy volt modules are great for diy projects including power walls, electric vehicles, ebikes, and pretty much anything project that requires large amounts of power storage. One of the big problems with the Chevy Volt pack is that it can only be broken down into 12s (48v) and 6s (24v) “modules” with loads of […]

Janky Shack’s Practical Knowledge of Electricity

Almost everything has a computer or wires these days, here are some of the concepts and knowledge you will need to know to be able to test circuits and find electrical problems. #1 Voltage   Voltage is displayed as a V or Volt.  It is the measurement of the potential difference of electricity between 2 […]

Gray Pearl Videos

The complete collection of any video affiliated with what used to be a plain old C10 pickup truck and its evolution into the amazingness of what it is today.  

The Jank-E-cycle – Our First Ebike

“The gas bikes are cool, but its time to start janking the way into electric propulsion.” said Matt right before he bought a kit to build his first ebike. True story: I was shopping in some obscure category on the internet late at night and came across this electric bicycle kit so I ordered it […]

Trailer Park Getaway

Working on the road you always meet the most interesting characters and live in places you probably never even imagined existed, like this straight up janky quality 12 lot trailer park I had the pleasure of vacationing in for 6 months while building giant white fans. I had seen a few episodes of Trailer Park […]

How Not to be a Scientist

It was only days before a level 5 hurricane was supposed to hit the land penis of the United States when chief mechromancer and bullshit scientist Matt Martin had a seemingly brilliant idea to record wind speeds of the hurricane.  Using seemingly ancient technology of 3 plastic cups rotating in a circle he decided to […]

Considerations for Fuel Injector Size

This is a little more complicated than a simple formula.  If you know how much horsepower you want to make, you should be able to just calculate how much fuel you need right?  Well, there are more things to consider.  The first thing is crankshaft horsepower vs wheel horsepower.  Crankshaft horsepower is what you see […]

Going Fast with Nitrous Oxide

If you want to go faster with Nitrous Oxide you probably should know a few things before you blow your engine up.  I’ll go through a few different types of kits, how to set them up, and what other changes you will need to make to keep the pistons inside the engine. #1 Dry Kit […]

How To: LS Swap Engine Harness Modification Part 1

This LS swap guide is from the perspective of a 2003 5.3 and 4l60e out of a Tahoe with the stock wiring harness and computer, but not using any of the stock fuse boxes or relays. The procedure should be similar for all LS swaps. You are going to need 4 relays (up to 7 […]

Kim Jung Un Rallies Hurricanes in Caribbean Sea

Earlier this season Kim Jung Un is believed to have been colluding with hurricane rights activist groups in the Caribbean sea and Atlantic Ocean.  Working with these natural distractions has allowed the tyrannical leader to start his invasion into the pacific northwest of the United States.  North Korea has also been accused of heavily investing […]

How to: Prepare for a Hurricane on a Budget.

Not everyone has hundreds of extra money sitting around to spend prepping for a hurricane, but here are some things you can do that are either free or don’t cost very much. #1 Do your laundry. Your roof probably has a low chance of getting ripped off, but losing power for several days should be […]

Gear Ratio Calculator

Here is a little tool I made to help you guys out who are always wondering what your engine speeds are going to look like if you change gear ratios.  I have started out with just the stock 4th gen F-body stuff, but will be adding more options later on depending on requests.  Leave a […]

Gray Pearl 5.3 Swap Parts List

Here is a list of everything I bought to do the 5.3 Swap into the Gray Pearl.  This list includes a wideband and HPTuners which could save you $700 if you already have access to something equivalent, but also includes the $500 I got for selling my old power train, so the ~$2000 swap cost […]

GM LS Cam Specs

Gen 3 LS: Year       Part #            Duration*   Valve Lift   LSA Corvette LS1 97-98     12554710         199/207      .472/.479    117 98-99     12560964       199/207      .472/.479    117 2000       12560968   […]

Janky Phone Charger

Everyone knows how to charge a cell phone, even 2 year olds and old people.  Just plug in the rectangle part of the cord into a USB port and wait!  The exciting part of today’s experimental adventure was making a contraption that is actually useful out of my purple battery mountain.  Sure, I proved already […]

Magic Metal Stick

I’ve been talking about camshafts and researching them for years, but the cost of an LS cam is usually $400 not including the mandatory valve springs and special tool required.  I was hesitant to pull the trigger before because people say “You have to do lifters and timing chain.” That requires removing the heads – […]

Power Party! The Solar Powered Laptop

The Solar Powered Laptop…   After weeks of energy storage research involving flywheels, pumped hydro, and batteries I decided to take a shot at storing energy.  I ordered a bunch of cheap 18650 lithium batteries from eBay along with 16 4 cell battery holders, and 4 mini voltage meters.  I finally decided on an arrangement […]