Gray Pearl Videos

The complete collection of any video affiliated with what used to be a plain old C10 pickup truck and its evolution into the amazingness of what it is today.  

Gray Pearl 5.3 Swap Parts List

Here is a list of everything I bought to do the 5.3 Swap into the Gray Pearl.  This list includes a wideband and HPTuners which could save you $700 if you already have access to something equivalent, but also includes the $500 I got for selling my old power train, so the ~$2000 swap cost […]

How To: LS Swap Fuel System – Return Style

I am going to be basing this on my 2003 5.3 swap into a 1985 C10, but this should be very similar for any return style fuel rail setup that is going into a vehicle that was originally carbureted. The stock fuel rail already has the fuel pressure regulator on it, so basically all you […]

Gray Pearl sings “Somebody that I used to know”

Once the 5.3 was in a safe space away from the evils of the world, it was time for the pearl to get a hair cut. The kind of haircut that involves a reciprocating saw and loss of some major components.  We started with the hood, then moved to the front bumper, fenders, grille, and […]


There aren’t enough performance stickers or cool points on the planet to get the pearl to break its mind bending top speed of 71 mph. I mean sure, I could have rebuilt the tired old 350 a third time and spent more than $60 like last time, but where is the fun in that? The 3 […]

The Gray Pearl – $5 Word Art

Back at the Janky Shack headquarters, secretly located in suburbia, the Gray Pearl was looking a bit boring. So obviously, the best decision was for Zenkor to throw $3 worth of spray paint at the door. For those of you building a rat rod, lemon’s car or junkyard spaceship, follow this guide to make your […]